Change plan after finish the old 12mth contract


I'm helping ask this question on behalf of my landlord, they have a 12mth mobile device + sim plan ($65 per month) which has already been fulfilled by last month.  Now they want to change it to a cheaper $40 plan. They went to store and were told to do that online by themselves, what a great customer service you are providing, letting almost 70 years old not tech savvy people to do plan change online! 

So I helped them look online, and we got to find that, it's not possible to select any lower price plan, the plan can only go up, in their case the cheapest possible plan to change is $85! 

can you advice us, after fulfilling the old contract, why customers cannot have the liberty to select a lower price plan, why they are forced to do plan change online while when checking online they find out there is basically no any better option plan for them?  Do they have only one choice which is to terminate the old plan then sign a new plan? 

Re: Change plan after finish the old 12mth contract


The Optus shops are not Optus. They are franchises that sell phones. If an Optus shop signs someone up to a plan, then trailing fees go to the shop, which makes the plan less profitable for Optus.

Re: Change plan after finish the old 12mth contract


As a general (Optus) rule plans can only be moved to equal or more expensive options. Even though out of contract you are still on a plan. I suspect the automated system has blocked you. Contact LIVECHAT and ask what your options are.


Its strange the store didn't sign you up for a new plan (that's sort of the only reason they exist!) but online deals are usually better (Like the current 20Gb for $40)




Peter Gillespie

Re: Change plan after finish the old 12mth contract


It's 30GB for $40.


The margin is too low to give anything to the shops. It's handy that when your shops are owned by someone else, you can abandon them when you want to be competitive with Teltra.

Re: Change plan after finish the old 12mth contract


It sounds like you may be trying to complete a Rate Plan Change, as opposed to a Recontract. RPC will follow the rules of your plan which is that it needs to be of higher value. If you place a Recontract order, as long as you're out of contract, the old rules won't apply.


I'm assuming the store have advised to go online as there are some high value, online only specials right now. If you place your order through the website here, it will ask if you want to keep your existing number. Enter the number and submit the order. The Sales Support team will then get in touch when processing the order if there are any complications.


Alternatively, you can jump into Live Chat with a Sales Expert and they will be able to provide the same offer.

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