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New Contributor Ashlear
New Contributor

Change of ownership/ new phone

So this is getting beyond a joke, surely I can be credited in some way for this situation. 

My daughter ordered a new phone.(account is in my name) I contacted Optus and requested for my daughter to sign for the package as we live 2hrs apart and it was bring delivered to her address, they said sure easy and assured me that she would be able to receive the package... fast forward a month with over 5 delivery attempts and multiple calls and messages back and forth with Optus, she had no phone!!!!  On the 26th July she received a message stating the phone was due for delivery that day, she waited home all day and nothing came, checked tracking and it said it had been “signed and delivered” she immediately called star track (delivery company) 5 times no answer, then called Optus who said they had no idea what was going on, then finally got a hold of star track who said they sent the package back to Optus, she then called Optus back and they still had no ide why it was being sent back ? Now it’s the 5th of August and still nothing? She went into Optus store Morwell to ask for help and was told they can do nothing at all!!! I then went online and filled out the transfer of ownership form and then she filled out her part, how much longer will this take??? She needs a phone! She is running a business and needs a phone??? I don’t understand why you people are so useless she has lost so much money by not having a phone ??? Every one we have talked to assures us that it’s sorted but it never is it’s been 5 weeks now??? What is wrong?? I need this problem fixed, and what’s the bet there will be no compensation for this? Usless! Worst customer service. 

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Crowd Champion MiCCAS
Crowd Champion

Re: Change of ownership/ new phone

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of the trouble you're having Smiley Sad


I'm a contributor to this forum, a customer just like you. Even though I can't check any systems, I'm very keen to keep an eye on this and help you get this one solved Smiley Happy


I've escalated your post to a staff member who will respond shortly.


In the meantime, what does your tracking number say about your order?

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Moderator Shauna

Re: Change of ownership/ new phone

Thanks for taking the time to write this up, @Ashlear. Sounds like you've been given quite the run around here, which is quite disappointing.


I'll need to take a further look into this prior to answering any of your questions. Can you please send me a private message confirming the number in question, your full name and DOB? 


Apologies for the experience you've had with us. 

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