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Change of address, covoid impacts? NBN fttn

Hello im just looking for some clarification, I have contacted support twice and the first time I hadn't received a reply for nearly an hour so I ended the chat and tried again the next day. I am just looking to move my internet to a new address, the last time I did this I just contacted support and let them know I was changing address and It just swapped over, I didnt need a new modem or anyone to come out and see the property ect. This time should be the same, both properties are fitted with fttn and my modem supplied should be able to change to the new property, however this time I contacted I was told I need to submit the change online (I did) however it was asking for an appointment date and the nearest one was almost at the end of the month, I was trying to ask why/what the appointment date was but was getting inconclusive answers.


Im just concerned am I going to be without internet for the whole month which at this time with loss of income ect. I really need access to internet asap at the new property. I understand that Covid has impacted optus' ability to keep staff up the same as everywhere else but im just confused as last time it was as easy as messaging the new address and when we intend to move in then bam internet was on there was no need for a callback or appointment or anything because the property already had fttn. I was hoping it was going to be that easy this time.

Is there anyone who can provide some clarification as to what is likely to happen or why it is going to take some time seeing as there is no need for actual changes to be made at the property?

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Re: Change of address, covoid impacts? NBN fttn

Has the NBN been activated by the prior occupant at the new house?

Note you may have a small NBN modem at the current address (or may not) - you can't take that with you. Only the larger Optus supplied modem.

The reason for the change is that Optus no longer directly control the install process. They have to book with the NBNCo for them to do whatever you need done. The NBNCo assign the dates they will do the work. Obviously at the moment workloads are delayed.

That said it seems strange as moving from a NBN house to another NBN house should be fairly easy for an existing customer. You've checked the address here?

I can only suggest contact Optus again and ask just what an appointment is needed for? It sounds possible they new house has yet to be activated and switched over from ADSL.
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