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Change my device country so I can download apps from google play store.

I recently bought my phone and connection from Australia. However, when I go to google play store, it still shows my old (Sri Lankan) currency for purchases and many apps are saying "This item is not available in your country".


How can I change my device location to Australia, since I am currently living in Australia? I tried almost everything that's in google forums and what nots, so I am guessing it has to do something with Optus? Please help. So fed up with this issue.



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Re: Change my device country so I can download apps from google play store.


Not Optus fault.

The easiest way is to ooen a new google account using a different email address.   You will need a bank credit or debit card issued in Australia as this is how Google ascertain you live in Australia.

If you haven't got an Australian card you can side load the apps you require using APKs.  Browse for the apps you require adding APK in you search.   Only download from recognised sites like APK monk or APK pure.



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