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Change from Lease to "Owning" the phone

Hey guys,

I recently set up a lease plan with Optus for the $105p/m iPhone XS Max. The plan starts in just over a week, but after a bit of thinking I decided I'd rather own the phone instead of leasing it.

The phone has been delivered to me, but was just wondering how easy it would be (if possible) to change my plan over to an "owning" one, I havent been billed anything yet so hoping it could quickly be altered before I get charged?

  It's a bit last minute I know but it's not the first time I've kinda done something then gone "hmm probably shoulda done the other"


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Change from Lease to "Owning" the phone

Hi @MiDaHo


Unfortunately "probably shoulda done the other" was the case here and Optus won't provide any real chance to change your mind. So you are on largely the hook for the full 24 month monthly payments and you still owe Optus your phone in good working order and condition at the end of that. Smiley Sad On the plus side you have save $120-$240 on the monthly payments along the way.


You can cancel in the first 12 months but that basically involves paying out everything you owe (including increased handset costs and all remaining monthly fees). IMO your best bet would be to stay the course. In the final two months of your contract you can make the choice to either keep the phone (and pay Optus fair market value, as defined by Optus) or pay Optus $99 and give them the phone back. Just have to do the sums, but if the buy phone option is ok then maybe do that, grab a much cheaper SIM only plan going forward for another year. Then sell the phone second hand. After three years you're probably not all that much worse or better off either way.


FYI, The most important part for a leasing arrangement is that you insure the phone for damage and loss/theft as the last thing you want to have to do is having lost the phone have to buy Optus a new one out of your own pocket. 


Read the options for exiting the lease here


Sorry I couldn't provide better options.


Peter Gillespie

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Re: Change from Lease to "Owning" the phone



@petergdownload has pretty much summed it up.


Once you've made the decision to go with a lease plan, we're unable to go in and amend the offer to a standard non-lease plan.

and yes, insurance is definitely a must for this one. 

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