Change account holder - Stuck in infinite support loop!




I've been trying to add my service (account in my name) to my partners account so that we can share our data and recontract at the same time. We started in My Account, my partners has a clear  "Change account"button however mine dosen't. So we head to live chat, live chat says my service is on a different system so we need to contact sales, contact sales and sales say we need to contact customer service, contact customer service and customer service say we need to contact another part of customer service, wait for agents then the call just drops out.


Each time have to wait on hold, re ID both of us, etc


We've found and completed a 'CHOWN' form but this says I need to wait 10 days... dosen't feel right. Best to just get back on another call?  It might be earier to move everything to another provider!




Re: Change account holder - Stuck in infinite support loop!


Hi PiaW, apologies for all the run around, we are migrating some customers over to our new system. If we're unable to make a change for you, it's certainly something we can do once the migration is completed. Very sorry for any inconvenience, our migration team is working hard to get this completed as soon as they can.

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