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Change My Plan Flex to plan with higher monthly access fee mid-contract



I have two devices on 24 month $65 My Plan Flex 20GB plans that I signed up for 3 months ago. Optus now offers $69 My Plan Flex plans with 100GB. I'm wondering if it's possible to upgrade my plans. I tried to upgrade them both last billing cycle using the "Change My Mobile Plan" portal on the Optus website and it seemed to go through fine but this new billing cycle nothing has changed.

I spoke to an Optus representative online via the chat who told me that I could only change after 12 months or recontract. But that doesn't sound right... My critical information summary says you can upgrade as long as it's to a higher monthly access fee plan and nothing about any time frame. Just wondering if this was a technical glitch that stopped the plan change/upgrade and what to do?




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Re: Change My Plan Flex to plan with higher monthly access fee mid-contract

IMO the CIS is pretty misleading in this area. You're correct it makes no mention of anything but a higher data limit. 


However Optus actual policy (and fine print contract details) is the new plan has to be in the same 'family' of plans (essentially what the deal was back when you bought the original contract). So while there are indeed some great promo deals on at the moment they are not part of your family (see the CIS heading name for your family name - the current ones are called My Plan Plus - Sept 2018 Promo.


See your CIS in My Account also they are here


I take it you also have a phone built in to your plan? SO you can use the $99 Upgrade option after 12 months. You will be signing a new 24 Month Contract though.


Peter Gillespie

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