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I'm currently on a Disability Support Pension is there a way to setup centrepay for my bills as my home internet and other bills are coming from centrepay...I easily get stressed and have anger issues and having to worry about bills coming from my bank or my card is horrible, is there any way to achieve this please?

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Re: Centerpay?

This might be of help for you.


If you scroll down to the heading "What Details do you need"

Then look for the line:

To find the business CRN, search Find a Business. Their CRN will always start with 555.

On the website the words "Find a Business" are a link to the serach function. - click on that


On this page - under Business/Organisation type - select "Centrepay Organisation"

On bottom right under Business/Organisation Name, ABN or CRN - type:  OPTUS

Click the blue "Go" button

If all of the above is filleed out/selected you will get a single result called OPTUS ADMINISTRATION PTY LTD

Clicking on that it will expand and give you all the information.

(I did not link it here as it is best for you to copy directly from that Centrelink website into your Centrepay on myGov)


The page I linked earlier :

Has information on how to set it up in Centrepay.


Good Luck Smiley Happy


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Re: Centerpay?

I think @Paddylee solution is probably the one you are looking for but as another option you can always pay ahead with Optus bills. For example you could pay $100 right now if you wanted to. Optus will deduct money from any credit amount on your account first when the bill actually arrives. 


FWIW I'm hopeless at remembering dates and ToDos but I've started basically putting everything into the free GMail Calander. For example a reminder to review my Optus Phone contract when it expires in 8 months time. Or a recurring one to tell me the Council Rates will be due each August. etc. Does wonders for my stress levels Smiley Happy


Peter Gillespie 

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