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New Contributor YoFella
New Contributor

Cant switch from virgin to optus!

Hi guys,
I've been a virgin customer for 6yrs now my plan is pretty much about to finish in 3 weeks, ive tried to switch to optus but ive been declined and told i dont meet the Optus requirements but ive never had a plan with optus, i have a brilliant credit rating so i dont see what the issue is.
I didnt ask for virgin to be phased out or should i say brought out by Optus i have only been trying to take advantage of the switch offer to little to no luck. Im at the ppint i will go back to telstra or dreaded Vodafone if i have to.
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Moderator Aron_YC

Re: Cant switch from virgin to optus!

Hey @YoFella

Sorry to hear that you're running into trouble when placing an order. It sounds like this is declining at the credit check stage so I'd recommend that you ask if this can be escalated for manual review by our Credit Review team. It's not a guarantee that it will be overturned but it's the best shot as they'll review it and if it can be overturned by the submission of extra documents then they'll advise that.

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