Cant recieve MMS from other service providers


Does anyone know how to get an issue escalated? I first raised my issue on 6 June where I couldn't recieve MMS from any other service provider, yet I could recieve from optus and send to all. They have been no help after multiple conversations, a case being raised and measly attempts from their specialist team to call me, once every 2 days, only to send me a text to say they can't get a hold of me and if I don't respond they will close the case. No return number to get back to them on. I am so frustrated and unimpressed. I told them right from the start that it looks like an issue from when I was ported from Telstra but no....They cannot figure it out. Even told me to call telstra.?? All I want is help and resolution, not to have to chase them and justify my request for help.


Re: Cant recieve MMS from other service providers


If you are receiving calls and texts from Telstra or other carriers, then porting is not the cause of you not receiving MMS Messages.


As for your "no number to call", I would ring 133 937 and speak to faults that way. Ask them to "delete the MMSC Profile" for your service. Once the profile is deleted of the MMSC, send an MMS to yourself to reactivate the profile as a fresh new one and get someone from another carrier.


Another question...

Are you iPhone? Because iMessage is carrier neutral (does not rely on the porting process but Apple's own servers which Optus DOES NOT control). As iPhone to iPhone via iMessage does not traverse the Optus systems beyond "data carried to the Apple server".

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Re: Cant recieve MMS from other service providers


Thanks for your response. Optus Neteork engineers actually rang me today and were able to test this. I was able to get MMS from Optus and Vodaphone, but not Telstra. They confirmed that it is a routing issue at the Telstra end. So now its been escalated to Telstra, with an estimated 6 business day resolution. 

What you suggested I do, I did a couple of times with no luck, and amongst other things. It's good to see someone reach out and try to help, so thank you. Let's hope I get a resolution. Will post when I do, even if to help others who may experience something similar.

Re: Cant recieve MMS from other service providers


My issue has now been resolved. It turns out that this was a network routing issue at the Telstra end, from when I originally ported. A ticket needed to be raised with Telstra, which took a little while. It's a shame that I had to go through so much to get it resolved, and for something that I had tried to get them to look into. I will say though that once this issue was raised to the Optus network engineering team they were so helpful, and it was a much easier experience with them knowing exactly what I was talking about. Thank you to all involved for finally getting this fixed!!! I am much happier now!

Re: Cant recieve MMS from other service providers


Thanks for the update @Afj101. We're glad to hear that issue has been resolved. 

If someone else were to experience the same issue in the future, this might help them get to the bottom of it. 

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