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Today I went into my local Optus Shop to try to pay out my current contract and upgrade to a new phone and plan.


Staff member was extremely helpful, but I ended up not going ahead with the upgrade because there was a problem with Jarvis (the system used to manage users' details, contracts, etc.)


Instead of calculating the remaining 3 months of handset payments I have left on my current contract, Jarvis instead multiplied the 3 months out to 24 months, meaning instead of paying approx. $60 to pay out my phone, it calculated the amount to be more than $2,000.


The staff member called the Optus internal support line and was told this was a known issue, but was given no workaround, no estimate of when the problem might be fixed, and was not able to give me any guarantee that, should I go ahead with the upgrade, that I would not have to also pay the $2,000+.


This is unacceptable.

While I have been reasonably satisfied to date with my Optus experience, in light of this experience I will be exploring my options to move to another carrier.


Re: Cannot upgrade plan


Your contract is your contract. 


Optus customer service can be a mixed bunch of advice. Obviously you don't have to pay $2000. Most contracts now have no requirement to pay the monthly fee out. Just the remaining handset fee (and this is a fixed cost in your contract).


I'd have another go. Personally I'd just do the upgrade via the Optus website (or do it via live chat). Have the person send email details of the payout and officially record the specific details you have agreed on.


And yes, Optus really should get its act together on things like this!




Peter Gillespie

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