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Cannot send emails on any mobile device


I cannot send emails via the optus network on any of my mobile devices ( Iphone 7, Ipad), error message "cannot connect to the Optusnet server. Can receive. Can send and receive via webmail and my NBN service.

Have reset passwords , removed and reloaded email account, rebooted both devices. Outgoing mail server details checked. Mail box is not full. Optus tech service cannot seem to fix apparently have reset mobile server.

When issue was first identified found VPN icon flashing in settings on Iphone, apple advised to reset network settings , this fixed VPN icon flashing but is now not visable on iphone.

I can send using another email account -GMail

Has anyone got any other ideas to fix

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Re: Cannot send emails on any mobile device

If you are unable to send emails, using Optus's outbound SMTP server, it sounds like your device is not on the Optus Network, this could be because you have a VPN Active, or maybe using Wifi on a Non Optus Network.  Are you connected to Wifi when you are trying to send emails? If you go into settings and select VPN, is it showing a disabled/not active?


If you open up a Web Browser and go to what is the IP address? Just give the first two parts e.g 100.100.x.x and not the last two set's of digits.  This will help confirm, if your device is on the Optus Network.


You would be able to use Gmail, as its not relient on being on the Optus Mobile Network for sending email, as they support authentication on outbound email.

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