Cannot deliver my tablet


I shouldn't be surprised that Optus have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


Having failed to deliver my Samsung Tablet the first time (even though someone was home), we tried again.


This time I had a member of my family wait...


And the delivery arrived, but...


They couldn't sign for it because they weren't me.




So what gives?  I have to arrange for Optus to deliver it where?  My work?  What about if I have to leave the office to meet with a customer - nobody else can sign for it.


I'll investigate how I can cancel this order...

Re: Cannot deliver my tablet

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It is standard for companies shipping out something of high value to require the person the goods are addressed to to sign and show photo ID to take possession.


Because if that isn't required, the person goods are addressed to can say that they didn't receive it and whoever signed for the goods wasn't not given permission to sign for the goods on your behalf.


Also I found this from the top hit in google after googling "Optus Delivery":


Can someone else accept my delivery?

As most of our deliveries contain expensive items the courier will only accept the signature of the Account Holder/Purchaser and will request photo identification upon delivery. Accepted forms of ID are:

  • Australian Drivers License
  • Australian Passport
  • Overseas Passport (in English)

If you can't be there when your order is delivered, don't worry, a card will be left explaining how you can collect your package.


Which can be found that the following url:



Re: Cannot deliver my tablet


I’ve encountered the same problem with delivery acceptance for a family member. I’m currently studying overseas & with my plan expiring soon with another provider, ordered my Optus mobile phone online so that it can be delivered to my home address so that when I return will have an active service.


AT NO STAGE DID OPTUS INFORM ME THAT THE DELIVERY WOULD ONLY BE GIVEN TO ME when I processed my order. I have lodge a complaint with TIO because this will cause me great  inconvenience when my current plan expires soon. There should be away to authorise another person to collect on your behalf. Enduring Power of Attorney has greater legislative powers then a policy.

Re: Cannot deliver my tablet


Hi @tpfran013, completely understand why you'd be frustrated with the delivery trouble that you've had Smiley Sad It's definitely a shame that you weren't advised of this, as we can organise someone else to sign for it in some cases.

Given that you've raised this with the TIO, it'll be referred back to our Customer Relations team and an assigned Case Manager will aim to be in touch with you within 10 business days to discuss this further.

In the mean time, you can chat with our Customer Care team HERE so we can organise this for you. 

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