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Cancelling wireless broadband before contract end date

Hey, I tried using the chat but they weren't very helpful RE shedding light on this.

NBN is still getting setup in my rental so I'm investigating interim options.

I was looking at the $85 4G Wireless Broadband 24 month plan, with the understanding that I'll either be gone from my rental in 12 months, or have NBN available sooner, so I may have to cancel part way through the plan. 

For cancelling the plan, the CIS says the following:

There are no plan cancellation fees. You will simply need to pay
out the full remaining cost of your device (if applicable) which
will include any monthly device credit that Optus was going
to cover, plus all charges incurred up until the date of cancel.

So that being said, does that mean there'd technically be no cost? Because:

1. The plan covers the cost of the modem 
2. It doesn't stipulate the monthly device credit Optus was going to cover
3. No where in the CIS does it say how much the modem costs 

So how can they charge me the modem cost if it's not outlined in the contract? ALSO when I asked the chat person about costs when cancelling, they said I'd have to pay out the remainder of the contract depending on when I cancelled eg. 12 months remaining on the contract = $85 x 12 months, but the cancellation policy doesn't mention anything about paying out the remainder of the contract? It just says you'll have to pay out the cost of the modem?

So that adds another layer of confusion. If anyone can provide clarity on what cost I'd be up for that'd be swell. 

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Respected Contributor

Re: Cancelling wireless broadband before contract end date

On your monthly bill it should show device cost and the amount Optus credits you as your on a 24 month plan.
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Honoured Contributor

Re: Cancelling wireless broadband before contract end date

The CIS isn't the contract.

I agree the Optus CIS leave a lot to be desired but they're offered to meet legal disclosure requirements and not necessarily to  inform. Optus still doesn't provide customers with an upfront tailored document listing all their benefits and costs and fees.

That said, this plan quite clearly says "There are no plan cancellation fees. " So if you leave after 12 months you can just stop paying the $85. It also clearly says you are up for the cost of the device this is shown on the sign up page

B818 Modem $216
AC800S Modem $252

If you leave after 12 months you will owe Optus half of those amounts to pay out what you owe on the the device.

So short answer is you're best to get a month to month plan and pay around $1000 for 12 months wireless broadband that includes the cost of the modem (there's a 20% sale on at the moment)

That means $85 a month with equipment included and 500Gb on a month to month contract which IMO is pretty reasonable?

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