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New Contributor Bobbywall
New Contributor

Cancelling Contracts

Had my mobile now a week cannot afford new contract not working plus on a disaability pension. Bipolar made a very bad choice to enter into a two year contract total cost $2180.00


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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cancelling Contracts

Hi @Bobbywall,


I suggest you contact the hardship department tomorrow. Hopefully they can nullify the deal once you explain your circumstances. Optus should not have extended the contract to you in the first place. 


If they don't revoke the contract then I would suggest you WRITE a letter to their complaints department explaining your situation and requesting the contract be voided. If the responce is negative then lodge a complaint with the TIO which will work on your behalf to settle the issue. 


Final option is to sell any phone you have got now and that should cover $1000+?


I'll flag a mod who also might be able to help you out @Dan_C


Peter Gillespie

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