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Recently I have moved out of Australia back home. Before I left, I went to an Optus store and asked to cancel my membership. The store attendant told me to reconsider it, to not cancel it in case I might want to keep the number. My main concern was whether or not I would still be charged a monthly fee. The attendant assured me that they will take care of it and that I would not be charged.


To my surprise I recently received a $100 bill from Optus despite me not using the service at all. I am very disappointed as I changed my plans after being assured by the Optus store attendant that I would not be charged anything to keep my number.  


Has any of you experienced this situation and if so did Optus compensate you accordingly? Thank you.


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Hi, it's a bit unclear what has happened. You went into cancel your plan, but then you say you decided to change plans instead? I take it you have kept your number? Are you returning to Australia in a while again?


When you cancel a post paid plan (contract) you will lose your number. I don't think Optus have any inbuilt way to keep it. Normally you would go to a Telco in your new country and ask to put the number to one of their plans. Although I'm not sure if that's possible internationally.


Cancelling a plan also often has a cancellation fee. Is the $100 for that?


But finally, as a work around you can 'park' your mobile number in a long term pre paid account. This might of been what was done? $100 gets you 365 days and then another 186 days before you lose your number. You can recharge again just before that for another 18 months etc.


Just a bit strange it was $100 as $60 is all that is needed.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Cancellation of Account


Amaysim and Aldi are a lot cheaper places to park numbers


Re: Cancellation of Account


Optus works out to $3.30 a month. Which isn't too bad. 




Peter Gillespie

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