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I made an order online for a 24 month contract and have just been sent a link that says my device is on Raincheck status. Reading the comments people have had to wait months. Can i cancel my order as i wasnt informed beforehand and need it soon? 

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Rain checked means they’ve run out of stock and you’re on the wait list to get it. Sales wouldn’t have known this if it ran out during the day.


you can cancel it by contacting sales support who can cancel the request. Note, submitting a new request will put you at the back of the queue, unless a store has one in stock and you can get it from a store.

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Re: Cancel rainchecked order


@Jeneral__Pain has some sound advice!

Which device are you waiting on @Sarah_14

iPad Pro by any chance? Let us know, I might be able to get an indication as to when we'll receive stock.


Apple stock delivery dates can be a bit difficult to nail down. 


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Re: Cancel rainchecked order



Thank you for the responses. It is the new gold ipad 128gb that im waiting for, however i am going away for a month in about 10 days so if it is not here beforehand, there will be no one to recieve it 

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