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Can't send / receive MMS messages (Samsung S20+)

Using a Samsung S20+ and cannot receive or send MMS messages

Sending times out and shows "couldn't send message"

Receiving shows message box - 
No Subject
Message Size ***kb


Followed steps on I can't send and receive MMS - Samsung Galaxy S20 5G - Optus

Reset network settings

Called Tech Support who supposedly adjusted something on Optus side but still the same issue
Took phone back to factory settings and still the same issue

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Re: Can't send / receive MMS messages (Samsung S20+)

Hey @gwjack. I'm sorry to hear that your S20+ MMS troubles have continued to persist.

We appreciate you trying all these initial troubleshooting steps to try and resolve this matter.

Since you are still having troubles, I recommend getting in touch with our team on Facebook or Twitter, as they will be able to help out in having this situation escalated further for you.     


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