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Can't receive some incoming calls


A few weeks ago I moved to an Optus prepaid plan and purchased a Sony Xperia S. I've been making calls OK and thought that I was recieving calls OK as well, but I just discovered that two or three people have been trying to ring me but all they get is a 'service is not connected' message. Why can I receive calls OK from some people but not others? Certainly calls made from landlines are getting through to me. My logs show that I've only received ONE call from a mobile number - from a mate on Pennytel/Vodafone. I KNOW that a couple of people trying to ring me are on Telstra mobile - who I was with until I ported over to Optus. Anyone have any ideas? I rang tech support and they very helpfully told me that everything looked OK at their end so it was not their problem, it must be a problem with the other providers. In all the time I worked selling Telco products and services AND repairing them, I never heard of this kind of situation!

Surely my Xperia isn't discriminating JUST against Telstra mobile calls?


Re: Can't receive some incoming calls


Hey wiloPete, definately a strange one! Can you try resetting the network settings in your phone and see if this helps get you up and running?  Are you also able to test your SIM in another handset to see if you're experiencing the same issue, this will help isolate the problem to confirm if it's SIM/Network related or handset related.

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Re: Can't receive some incoming calls

I've tried resetting network settings. As stated, phone is an Xperia S, which has a micro sim. My old phones take a standard sim. I don't know anyone who has an unlocked/Optus phone that takes a micro sim... and the nearest Optus outlet is 50 kms away.

Re: Can't receive some incoming calls


Would you like me to send you a replacement SIM so you can try out another handset?


If you can send me your info I'll double check our maps just to make sure there's nothing going on in the area that could be causing a problem.


If everything looks good we can go for the SIM replacement option Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't receive some incoming calls

Finally resolved after 3 hrs on the phone to T@#$$$ and 10 mins to Optus tech support. Good thing I used to work for that other company and knew which cue words to use to make them respond. After having things escalated to Level 2 via mentioning the TIO, they agreed that something MAY have gone wrong during the porting process. I asked Optus tech to contact T tech, and lo and behold - problem solved! Problem was with T routers not letting all the info go properly when my number was ported... consequently I was alive to all the world - except for T mobile users!
A heads up to others who may read this because they are having similar problems - don't be put off by a telco's 'we can't see a problem at our end' - both telcos initially claimed this- persist and ask for the issue to be escalated.... after, of course, first trying to reset/reboot your phone (ie try as best you can to ensure that it is NOT a handset isse)!!

Re: Can't receive some incoming calls or text messages


Hi I'm new to this, but any help would be much appreciated.


I switched from Telstr to Optus last month.


The day i switched to Optus i could not receive calls OR txt messages from certain contacts in my phone book. (these contacts are with all different carriers Telstra / Vodaphone / Optus etc.)

The person texting shows ‘message delivered’ however i receive no message.

The person calling my phone number gets voice recording Your Call could not be connected, please check the number and try again. 


I have done all troubleshooting and i have restored the phone as new and checked that Telstra has completely ported the phone number.


Then wen't into an Optus Store and the sales person gave me a new SIM card and said try that. (did not work)


Spoke a number of times to support tech: They believed the problem is a 3G/4G network issue, then on another occasion to try and get the problem resolved. They now believe it to be a routing issue. Optus keep appologising and saying i'm not the only one experiencing this type of issue, also they keep saying they'l escelate the issue and some one will be in touch. (but no one does - and i have to keep chasing the issue for a resolve)


Its really frustrating as i am missing extremely important work calls and messages.


Can anyone plese advise?

Re: Can't receive some incoming calls


Does sound frustrating GG1 Smiley Sad Have you been given a fault reference number so I can check into the status of the investigation? Tris 

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Re: Can't receive some incoming calls or text messages


Hi GG1,


I was wondering how you got on with resolving this issue in the end??


I am having the exact same problem and struggling to have it fixed.  Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: Can't receive some incoming calls or text messages


I also have this same problem. Moved from vodafone to optus. Cannot receive calls / texts from Vodafone but can ring anyone. Obviously this is a routing error at Vodafone's end, but it has so far been almost a week without being fixed. Is there any way to hurry this process, or at least find out how long it will take? Would moving back to Vodafone fix it?

Re: Can't receive some incoming calls or text messages


Hi Luke,


Not good to hear you're having the same problem I experienced.  I did manage to finally have my issue resolved but it took a full week so was very frustrating.  The end result was that Optus determined that I couldn't receive from Vodafone numbers and so they contacted the Vodafone network engineers to fix the routing issue.


I don't know what stage of the process you are at but I recommend getting this escalated as soon as possible by the tech support team.  Unfortunately I had to go through quite a lengthy troubleshooting process before this occurred.  Ultimately they escalated it to the networking team as a high priority case and once this happened it was fixed within 48hrs.


The key was to keep the pressure on tech support, I went to the Optus store to be put directly through to them and insisted that the issue was a porting problem and once tech support were able to rule out any other cause they advanced the case.  It was frustrating because although the techs I dealt with were very patient and tried to be helpful with the issue there was a reluctance for them to diagnose it as a porting issue until they had exhausted all other avenues.


After the case was escalated the network team determined it was not a network issue and then tried to call me from a vodafone test sim and this simple test confirmed to them the problem I had been saying all along.


Any other questions I'll be happy to help.


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