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New Contributor Haidy
New Contributor

Can't call some overseas number

I was trying to call my father so many times to see how he is doing after getting sick but Optis network kept telling me my fathers # is disconnected and cant get reach. I have asked my brother to buy him a new sim but still cannot call him. I have used it with my brother and its working. I wonder what is the problem. I have lots of international minute calls.

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Can't call some overseas number

Hi @Haidy, sorry no one has been able to get back to you yet.


When you say you have used it with your brother, do you mean your brother is overseas and you have been able to call him, or you have used your brothers mobile to call your father overseas?


If you have been able to call someone else overseas from your mobile, this would indicate that there are no issues with your service as you wouldn't be able to make any international calls, but feel free to jump into Live Chat so we can check the settings on our end.

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