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New Contributor Bec123
New Contributor

Can't believe Optus has spammed me with third party billing

I was spammed on the weekend and signed up to some third party content I neevr agree to. I replied stop to the spam messaged but was charged anyway. I spent yesterday on live chat trying to get the charges reversed and I was told to call MIA Sphere by Optus but the call centre just continutally hung up on me. Finaly after many delaing with consultants I was told I might get a refund in a few days.


I was disgusted to read an article today to find out this happens to so many people an Optus actually have an agreement with these spammers. so shameful. read the article here:


Optus this is not on and you should immeditley stop scamming your customers with this practice. 

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New Contributor JoseErico
New Contributor

Re: Can't believe Optus has spammed me with third party billing

This is a palin robbery, fraud, scam! Whatever it is, looks like Optus will see the end of my business to them. I will never ever renew their contract. Had consulted a lawyer regarding this, suggested we the customers will be doing a class suit of these matters. Raise to ACCAN.

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