Can anyone from Optus contact me?


I have tried all the method to contact Optus in the last 3 days but there's still no result. I tried live chat, called 133937, 1300929949 and 1300300562. 

I am calling 1300929949 right now and has been waiting for near 2 hours!!! I won't hand up and see if I can break the longest waiting time record!!!


I have made an online order to upgrade my plan on Monday.

I have received an email asking to me to go to the link provided to finalise the order.

I clicked on the link and entered the temporary order number. however there is an error message saying the number doesn't match the record. 

I am very frustrated now. I tried to call the sales support team on 1300929949 and waited for 1 hours and 20 mins without no one answer.

Can someone please at least get back to me?

Re: Can anyone from Optus contact me?


All consultants advised me to call 1300929949, but this number is useless!!!


Re: Can anyone from Optus contact me?


I feel ya. I've spent three hours combined in the last 24 hours on hold to that number and like you I've done multiple chats and calls to other numbers. I'm not usually the type to complain but it's without a doubt the worst customer service experience I have ever had.

Re: Can anyone from Optus contact me?


Summary of Optus call centre waiting time


- Sales team: less than 10 seconds

- Billing/account team: less than 1 minutes

- Support team: forever!!! you will never get through!!!

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