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Can I donate my data to optus family member

I have 103g of data per month, I only use approx 10-15g.
Due to current covid situation, my grandson needs extra data to be able to do his schooling from home. Both parents lost jobs, no money from govt come through yet.
Why Doesn’t optus give me the option to donate it to a specific number (rather than just a charity).
He is eligible for the extra 20g this month but won’t have any after that
Please optus, make donating data to family members maybe on a month to month basis until the situation improves.
I can’t add his number to my acc.
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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Can I donate my data to optus family member

Would be a great idea if you could especially in these challenging times however I am not aware of any way of doing that. I would be careful trying to add or change anything associated with his account number as you may end up disabling his services.

Edit: You could take ownership of his account and possibly data share however that would be a big decision and you would need to make sure the data share option was available.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Can I donate my data to optus family member

There are technical limits on how much data the Optus network can provide. If Optus allowed people to cross donate data then the amount of data used would overload the system. I.e. As you say you don't use most of your data and Optus knows this and takes it into account, but if you can give it to someone else that will use it then suddenly there's too much data being used.)

If you wanted you could purchase the cheapest Optus SIM only plan ($39 a month) and send the SIM to your grandson. That SIM automatically shares your data so they would then have access to say 80Gb of your monthly data (you'd just have to be careful he didn't blow through your entire allowance by himself)
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