Can I delay activating a prepaid sim card until I need it?


I am in Broome WA currently. Soon I will leave to go to the remote aboriginal community of Kalumbaru for a couple of weeks. My iPhone has a Telstra sim which I want to keep. Kalumbaru only has an Optus service. If I purchase an Optus prepaid sim card before leaving Broome will I be able to put it in my phone & activate it when I reach Kalumbaru several weeks later? I will only use it for data, & dont wish to transfer my current phone number to the optus sim, so getting a different phone number wont be an issue. Have never used Optus before so unsure if it all needs to be set up at the point of purchase. Thanks in advance. 

Re: Can I delay activating a prepaid sim card until I need it?

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Its actually written on the package if you have a good look. If I said 30 days it does ring a bell but it might be much longer. Suffice to say it is longer than several weeks. I did answer this question not so long ago but I cant find my own post. Smiley Happy


Edit: Oh you haven't purchased one yet. Have a look on the back when you do.



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