Calling Optus team from overseas to cancel contract




I am currently overseas and want to cancel my two mobile service plans and NBN connection. I have been told by an agent on live chat that I can only do this by calling +612 8082 5678. Unfortunately I have been provided so many contradicting information from Optus that I find hard to believe any of its representatives say which is why I ended up here. I have been told that the call would be free of charge if I call from a landline. Would really appreciate any response as I am currently looking at paying close to $600 as cancellation charges.




Re: Calling Optus team from overseas to cancel contract

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Toll free if you call from an Optus mobile as far as I understand. I would have thought that accounts via the live chat would have been the best option however if they say it can't be done that way then I guess you have no other options. I think I would be trying the chat again as often a different operator will have different answer.


Re: Calling Optus team from overseas to cancel contract


Toll free from any Optus mobile is my understanding too.


As @Yeldarb says Live Chat is also available any time 


FWIW if you are moving permanently (or for a long time) overseas then Optus might waive any fees on request.


Peter Gillespie


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