Caller ID for incoming calls not showing


For a few months now I have had an issue with my phone service where the numbers for all incoming calls show up as Unknown. This is my second phone and second SIM card with this issue and I have checked all over my services online for a solution and nothing seems to be working.

Re: Caller ID for incoming calls not showing


This issue has been reported many times on this forum and by all reports it's something Optus needs to fix on their end. Best to have a word with support and you can do that via the live chat below if you wish.


Re: Caller ID for incoming calls not showing


Hi Unknown-ID,


I can quickly check your service for you if you like to make sure all Caller-ID provisioning is correct.


I just need you to PM me your details.


Full name:

Service No:


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Re: Caller ID for incoming calls not showing


interesting to find a post as both my retired parents, both on Optus prepaid have told me that they can no longer see incoming caller ID.


i tried calling them from several other mobiles with other carriers and same..... I can see their number when they call me

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