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New Contributor Dabielle01
New Contributor

Call and SMS history

Hi Can I get a full history sent by email for number <removed for privacy reasons> thankyou

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RetiredModerator Pete

Re: Call and SMS history

Hi Dabielle01,


You'll need to go to My Account if you want an itemised request.


This will provide you with a detailed view of all calls and messages to local, mobile, national, international, 13/1300 and premium numbers. My Account will show the time, date and recipient's number for eligible services up until your last bill.


  1. Login to My Account
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Select your service
  4. Click on usage details and you will see itemised details there.



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Occasional Contributor rubs
Occasional Contributor

Re: Call and SMS history

all useless just three days details is coming

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