Call Dropouts


I am experiencing constant call dropouts all of a sudden. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5. Every call over the last few days has suddenly dropped out. I have plenty of battery life, I always install updates, this has never happened before. Everything is working properly except this. All calls have been local calls in Metropolitan Adelaide.

Re: Call Dropouts


Step 1 - Replace the SIM just to make sure

>> Fixed? Great, just a faulty SIM.

>> Not Fixed? Next Step!


Step 2 - Try your SIM in a different phone in the same location

>> Fixed? Your phone itself is faulty or not connecting to the network properly. 

>> Not Fixed? Next Step!


Step 3 - Check for outages

Is there an outage in your area? Sadly not much more can be done until the outage resolves itself. You can attach yourself to the outage by following the steps on this page.


Step 4 - No outage? 

Call Optus on 133 937 and give them all the steps you've taken so they can open an investigation for network engineers to look into what is happening.

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