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Buy Data ALWAYS Unavailable From 6PM

I use the mobile service that provides 500Mb daily with an extra 500Mb automatically assigned on exceeding that and extra 500Mb packages then purchasable against my balance after exceeding that 1Gb.


Since the recent "upgrade" it is  basically impossible to buy extra packages.  After about 6pm he service always comes back with: "The service is unavailable at the moment, please try again later."  I can try continually until midnight, but only very rarely with any success.  


Doubtless something will be done about it once the top floor start yelling about the sudden unexplained loss of revenue, but being a volume consumer (check my account 04XXXXXXXX) I'd prefer a fix before the blood letting.


I saw at least one other user raise this issue, but couldn't find it once I logged in.


Anyway, I'm off to watch a YouTube video that I'll sadly only get part way through.  Please fix this.  I'd prefer not to have to switch over to Telstra.

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Re: Buy Data ALWAYS Unavailable From 6PM

Hey @JohnBell5714 - I've just edited your post and removed your mobile number to protect your privacy.


I've never heard of this being a known issue, however we can still take a look. 

Are you trying to purchase this via the app or My Account? 

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