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Re: Bundle Scam

Thanks for your speedy reply @Casey_YC

While I wasn’t overtly mislead and surreptitiously charged like some other people in this thread, I still think this behaviour is unacceptable. Having to question what you’re being charged for when you never even asked for the product isn’t transparent nor is it ethical. The fact of the matter is that customers are not being “offered” this extras package, it’s being forced upon them either under the ruse of being free, a promotion or in my case, being told I could damage my phone I didn’t but an additional product. Being charged for it is then just adding insult to the injury.

Really disappointed with my experience today. I’ve lost a great deal of respect for Optus.

Re: Bundle Scam

Rest assured this has been raised with the aforementioned store as direct feedback and I have also flagged your last post and this for the retail teams to review. 

I hope that we can turn your net experience around when necessary and thanks again for passing this on. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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Re: Bundle Scam

Wish I’d seen this before going to Optus - I’ve just had the exact same experience, but I upgraded to 3 iPhone 12s on a $149 Family bundle and got stung with TWO(!) $480 accessory bundles!!!

The sales rep said she could get us cases, screen protectors and wall chargers for $120. I thought this was pretty good deal, so I asked "Is that altogether, not for each phone?" She said "yes". My daughter was there and can verify.

After signing the contract electronically (and having nothing said about '$480 accessory bundles'), they starting putting all the accessories through and added 3 wireless chargers. I thought it was a lot of stuff, but I had just bought 3 phones and been put on a $149 plan and had no idea how much anything cost (nothing in store has a price on it and, for all I know, it only costs $5 from China), so thought it must be part of the deal.

When I saw my first bill, I thought there had been an error. It seemed that the $120 had been multiplied by the number of devices on the plan (4th phone was a BYO) and then applied twice!

I returned to the store to question it and was told “That was the contract you signed.” They tried to do some dodgy maths about how some inclusions on my contract equated to the $120 I had been quoted. I said that there was no way I would have agreed to getting nearly $1000 of accessories. The manager said he would look into it.

Eventually, the store manager called me and gave me a line about it all being investigated, including looking at the CCTV. Apparently, I was in store for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The manager told me: "You were in the store long enough for the contract to be explained."

How do they know what I was being told or shown? There is no sound on the CCTV and it doesn’t show what is on their computer screen. Well, it wasn't explained, because I would have said "NO!".

I was then told I'd have to make a complaint to the billing team.

I’ll also be going to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman to complain about the deceptive practice.

Will never buy anything from Optus again and will be telling others to shop elsewhere.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Bundle Scam

Its reprehensible and Optus set up the incentives that mean some floor staff try it on whenever they can.

Audioless CTV is meaningless as you say. Time enough for an "explanation" doesn't mean you were told the truth. I would do just as you are and make an official TIO complaint. That should sort it.

Re: Bundle Scam

Hi there. We are so sorry to hear about this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to provide you with some support regarding this incident. 

Please send us a Private Message on either Facebook or Twitter, a Social Media Respond Specialist will look into this issue for you. Rest assured, we do aim to turn this around for you. 

We've passed your experience onto our relevant team to review. 

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