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Hi guys,

I handed my phone in for a repair/warranty claim 5 weeks ago. Everytime I contact my local Optus store they phone the Boomerang people and get told that they have no update on the phone's status and that they will be given an estimate ETA for the phones return to the store in 2-5 working days. I have now been told this 3 weeks in a row and the Optus store people seem confused and powerless to do anything about the situation. The boomerang people seem to just give them the brush off. Can someone please advise me what I can do to get my phone repaired or a new phone issued. I am baffled as to why this is so hard. 

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Hi.  I'm not too familiar with boomerang, but is that who you got your phone from?  Sounds like they are the one's you should be trying to get info out of.  Depending on issue, they may have sent it to manufacturer for repair.  Optus would have no idea when it will be returned.  They probably just quoting average times.  I have sent phones for repair to manufacturer and it has taken at least a month for return.

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Boomerang is the warranty/insurance/repair firm that Optus uses. The customer has no access to Boomerang. So if the customer has no access and Optus has no idea when the phone might be repaired or accesssed or returned what is it that you propose a customer should do?


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Hey @denboy300


It does sound like it may be a replacement stock/part issue. Now Boomerang will update the order (which we have visibility over). If the handset or part is out of stock then this will be left as a remark on your order. As far as communication goes, it's definitely something that can be worked on. What's the make and model of the handset you're waiting on? It's not a Huawei by any chance is it? 


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Re: Boomerang repair/warranty claim


Hi there,

One of the most frustrating aspects to this situation has been the lack of information flowing from Boomerang or Optus. If it is as you suggest a parts issue etc. Then why, after 5 weeks, wouldnt someone notify either myself or the Optus store staff who have been handling the repair claim? As I have stated elsewhere, when the Optus store staff ring Boomerang (Which I have now witnessed 3 times) they are clearly given the run-around. They get off the phone confused and frustrated and have no information to give me other than they have been told it will be 2-5 working days before they will be given an ETA for the phones return to the store.  Needless to say these estimates have not been honoured. If there is a larger problem underlying here wouldnt Boomerang just let my the optus store staff know that?  

FYI the phone is an HTC10. IT had two issues: For several months the camera app would radomly crash and/or shut down the phone. Secondly, finally the charger port stopped working and there was a charred smell. 

Please at least acknowledge, to alleviate the profound disrespect and frustration I am experiencing, that this situation is not good enough and that Optus and whoever the Boomerang people are could and should be handling this in a more courteous and professional manner.

I have only been an Optus customer for a short time. This is not the only problem I have had with my phone/service and I have to tell you it has been a very bad experience thus far.  Sadly this lack of professionality and oversight seems to stem from cost saving and outsourcing methodologies that may have saved Optus a lot of money but have severely damaged their reputation. Just do a random search on the net. There is an OCEAN off ill-feeling towards Optus's customer service and professionalism. SURELY this cannot be good for business. I've said it before and I'll say it again, one day a company will come along who will place a high premium on customer care over profit and when that happens they will wipe the floor with the Optus's of this world because people have had enough of this BS.

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That's disappointing to hear @denboy300 Smiley Sad 


Could you please PM me with your mobile number, full name, date of birth and the BASC number & we'll look further into this for you and contact the Boomerang team to find out what's going on and what's causing the delay.



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Re: Boomerang repair/warranty claim

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Did you ever get your phone back?

I’m going through the same process right now and was mortified to read all these threads AFTER I had handed my phone over. I’ve been an Optus customer for almost two years, whether I’ve been lucky or not my experience with their employees and call centre people have always been positive 9 times out of 10. But after finding out how dismal this Boomerang Claim service could be I got extremely worried with what I had gotten myself into. But I feel my experience has been smoother than others, though I won’t disregard the fact that I havn’t been able to track my claim due to the tracking website being down since I made my claim 7 days ago. I’ve notified them multiple times on various sources that the page has had the same date and message posted but nothing has been done about it so I have had to contact Optus every time I needed an update. This is where I think my experience differs, I have been I contact with Optus every day (excluding weekends) about my claim. I was receiving the emails from Boomerang but I wasn’t getting contacted by an “Optus Dealer” like the emails stated, so I’ve just been contacting them directly and ensuring I get the results I wanted. I’m not a bossy or pushy person, just determined so I’ve been able to find out all I need. And within 7 days I took my phone to the closest store, they sent it off, it was assessed, it got replaced replaced and is in transit back to the store as I type. I am to hear from Optus when it arrives and they will contact me to let me know if I can pick it up. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow I’ll just call them. My advice if anyone is making these Boomerang claims in future is, contact them. It is a hassle I’m aware, I spent over an hour on the phone with them but the thing is they’ll take their time to contact you, but they can’t do anything about the fact that you’re contacting them. Some days I’ve contacted them 4+ times a day using the live chat. It’s defineitly not an easy experience, I read the claim contract I signed very thoroughly and my experience has hardly been as streamlined as it was discribed. I would just recommend contacting them and not stopping until you get your answers. In the end my best answers came from calling 1800505888 it’s a Boomerang number. If I had called this number first the other day, I could have saved myself the 1hr 3min run around I got calling other numbers that were suggested to me. Good luck, I hope you did get your phone back as I realise this thread was back in December 2017! And to anyone else as well good luck!

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