Bogus Optus call ??


I keep getting phone calls regarding Business Mobile offers from someone who says they are from Optus saying that they have generous new moble deals . I have asked them to send an email to me with the details . She said she will send an email to me but has to have some ID to make sure that the email is being opened by me . She wanted a drivers license number or a passport number . I have told her numerous times that I wont give out that kind of information . She has told me over and over again that it is just for security purposes . Dont want to give that kind of info out . Is this something that Optus would require or ask for ? Or am I just being over cautious ?



Re: Bogus Optus call ??


Never give out personal details to anyone no matter how genuine they sound. If in doubt ring Optus yourself on a number you know belongs to them. 

Re: Bogus Optus call ??


Yes it is likely Optus. A lot of companies in this day and age still ring you up and ask you to identify yourself so they can offer you a deal.


However that is not prudent (safe) and you are spot on for saying no. 




Peter Gillespie

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