Blackspot? Thornbury VIC 3071


Hi to all,


I've been experiencing this poor quality on all calls for months now and I've had enough, really affecting work calls now.
I live in Leinster Grove, Thornbury (edge of Northcote) and really need to know if there's a blackspot.

A tech assistant on the chat just told me I am super close to one, so that explains things.


I really want to change providers and I am really angry I've been paying for years for such low service, to now finally get a confirmation that I live in a blackspot (8km from the CBD!).

Does anyone know more about the area?
What are my rights in this regard?

Re: Blackspot? Thornbury VIC 3071


There is a tower maybe 30 metres in from the corner of Newman St and Comas Grove. Google maps shows you are one block away would that be correct?


Re: Blackspot? Thornbury VIC 3071

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If you have been paying for years are you still in contract.  Check in My Account and see if and when you contract expires.

Before you go to any new provider I would always recommend you get a cheap prepaid SIM from that service provider the see what your reception from your home and work is like. No need to port your number at that time as the Sim card will only cost a few dollars and can be discarded.



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