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Does Optus support Blackberry phones


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Depends what you mean by support? 


They don't sell them and won't provide any assitance setting them up or running them.


But you can put an Optus SIM into them and they'll work.


Peter Gillepsie

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Thank you Peter for your advice. But one ofthe problems I have with my Blackberry phone is that when I put an optus SIM card in the phone it says please insert SIM card even though a SIM card is already inserted. Do have any ideas of what this could be


kind regards


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Hey @MichaelA1 - Does this occur when you put any other telco's SIM in there or just an Optus SIM? Is the Optus SIM activated? 

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It should work. I'd suggest going to an optus sites where they can pop in some Sims and see what's wrong. 


Peter Gillespie

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