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I originally ordered 2 s9 Mobile phones to port from Telstra to Optus because of Telstras poor service. The deal negotiated with the Optus rep was a Cost of $59 each with 15g of Data for each + 10g of bonus data on each = cost of $118 with included 50g of data shared. At the same time I reduced my monthly Mobile Broadband Account to $40 per month with 10g of data. Monthly cost was therefore $158 with total shared data of 60g.SIMPLE ?  This was negotiated on line on LIVE CHAT (I printed a copy thank heavens). Just as I finalised the verbal order Live Chat cut out. No one rang me back for 10 days nor did I receive any written confirmation so I contacted Optus on I think 3 Different times. They finally told me there was an order and asked "hasnt anyone contacted you yet?). Subsequently I got in contact with the "Leasing" Boys who told me they6 neede proof of identity, sent me the paperwork which we completed and sent back. We subsequently received the phone but when the Bill came it was wrong. After numerous (and I mean 7 or 8 times / not once or twice) I have given up any confidence in Optus systems or personnell. and have now paid the $value of the nill I regard as owing. All of the Live chats I had dropped out and on not one occasion did anyone bother to email or phone me back. On the last Live Chat the Optus rep said he would email me when he had it sorted this has still not happened. If the account and data is not sorted I will not pay until it is done. Does anyone know if Optus policy will mean my phone and Monbile Broadband will be cut off if this is done or do you think they have someone to sort it?      Note: The last person I spoke to was advised I had a copy of the original Live Chat which detailed everything and could he give me an email to send it to so the situation could be resolve - guess what happened - NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING 

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Re: Billing

G'day @Mozzer, I'm happy to try and help out with this one. 


The deal negotiated with the Optus rep was a Cost of $59 each with 15g of Data for each + 10g of bonus data on each = cost of $118 with included 50g of data shared


I'm just trying to find the marketing communication that details this particular offer. I've found the following:


Effective Date: March 16, 2018
End Date: March 26, 2018


To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, new and recontracting customers can sign up to the promotional $59 My Plan Plus that includes 20GB of data with the following devices, unless withdrawn earlier:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB / 256GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB / 256GB

Does the correspond with the date you'd ported across to Optus? You're welcome to send us a private message →

I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


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