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Once AGAIN Optus have taken money out of my account when I have an extension in place.. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME 

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Have you got an email or SMS confirming the extension?


It does seem pretty poor. Perhaps consider the prepaid options which are now days pretty much as good as post paid but with the extra benefits of:


a) Optus only gets money you give them

b) Unused data rolls over each month

c) Optus can't hit you with endless $10 top up fees

d) No late payment fees




Peter Gillespie


Re: Billing and Extensions


Hi Peter

Thank for your reply. Yes I had an sms confirming ext. BUT Optus still took it out on due date. As i said this is the third time.


First time the refunded me, second time i was told it'd be refunded, never happened..the operator gave me misinformation. Now this..


As i am on a pension my budget is worked out to a T... now thanks to their incompetence i cannot pay my rego.


I am on a 24 month contract so unfortunately going pre paid isnt an option. Once my contract ends I will most certainly go prepaid.

Re: Billing and Extensions


It is pretty poor performance and getting this wrong obviously hits those already working hard to balance the books.


I can only suggest you could cancell the direct debit. It will cost you an extra $2 a month unfortunately. Perhaps a mod here or when you next talk to Optus you could explain how you've been mucked about and request remaining months x $2 in credit so you could retain control of your finances from Optus system short falls in this area.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: Billing and Extensions


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and my apologies for the issues. When a payment extension is put in place, it's important that your direct debit is paused to avoid this happening automatically.


A payment extension on our end is essentially just a note on your account. When the billing team are handling suspensions due to non-payment, they will check the notes to confirm if an extension is in place or note and postpone the disconnection. Automatic processes will still continue such as direct debit, late payment fees etc


I can request a refund from my end for you if you'd like to send through a private message with your account number, full name and DOB.

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