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Billing Issues



Every month I am having an issue with my billing. I have two mobile accounts with optus, and an nbn service. I set up the two mobile accounts at the beginning of January in an optus store, and set them both up as direct debit. A month later one of the direct debits came out, the other one didn't. I therefore rang up and paid the bill which had not been taken as planned.


The next month came around, and this time they tried to take an amount that was equivalent to three months of service rather than the two it should of been. After many phone calls they came to the conclusion that when I failed to pay the first month (the one they failed to set up the direct debit for), they cancelled that account. Then when I paid it via the phonecall, they set up a new account. Thus when the next month came around, they billed both accounts. Not to worry they said, next month it will be credited back to you. No apology given for the fact they took an extra $100 from me.


Now I have just received a bill for the next month, the first to include my nbn, and the credit is not there. Furthermore, I was meant to be having my first month nbn for free due to cancellations during the install process. This credit is also missing from the bill - so the bill is circa $200 more than it should be. I can't get through on the phones, it takes too long. I try to use the chat function on the app but it either never connects, or if I get through to someone it's like speaking to a pebble.


I would also add in that my nbn speeds on an evening are exceptionnally poor. I understand it can be busier in the evening, but I get between 4-9 mps download speed - I'm on the 40mbs evening speed plan.


If someone can assist me with both my billing and speed issues, that would be massively appreicated.





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Re: Billing Issues

The "Credit" you claim was actually an "overpayment" not a credit, would be sitting on the old account. You simply need to get them to transfer it over, this is a simple request to billing customer service.


The issue here is, you seem to have 3 account IDs for your services, one for each mobile and one for NBN. Hence why I think you mentioned "they cancelled" one which is a bit strange when all that really needed to happen was to combine the mobile accounts together.


Either way, billing can fix all of those issues.


As for your "Speed issues", you must realise that the "Typical evening speed" depends on lots of factors which you've not mentioned nor taken into consideration.

4-9mb/s is actually well within your 50mbit NBN services. You need to remember it's "Up to" not "Always will be", as the transient nature of the internet makes it difficult to always get.

* Are you using WiFi?

 YES > Use Ethernet and see if it improves

 YES it improved > The WiFi around you is very busy and noisy, this causes the speed to slow to compensate

 NO it did not > Your modem is likely faulty or your connection congested

 What kind of connection do you have? When you say NBN I mean... FTTP? FTTN? FTTC? HFC? FW

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