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New Contributor 棒RM
New Contributor

Billing Errors

How can I resolve a continuing billing error with my Optus account, I have contacted Optus Customer service over 5 times this month, each time they promise the error will be corrected, but on each occasion nothing happens. When I call back each time, the operator confirms that the credit will be processed but again nothing happens. Last month I had the same issues and again this took multiple contacts to finally get the matter resolved. 

Why are Optus operators incapable of completing a task the first time, even when I have requested an email of our chat they cannot even do this.

I think my only option is to make a formal complaint to the Telecom Ombudsman, and when resolved move all my services to another supplier.

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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: Billing Errors

Hey @棒RM, sorry for the runaround and delay there. Can you send through a private message so we can take a look and discuss this with you?

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