Beats Solo3 Wireless Promotion - FRAUD?


Hi All


Is anyone else experiencing major issues with the Beats Solo3 Wireless promotion? I am beginning to think this is a fraudulent promotion. I just want the item I am entitled to, I do not understand what is so difficult. It's been 2 months!!


On 21/5/2019, I purchased a new post-paid plan with iPhone XR at Stanhope Gardens. I switched from Virgin to Optus and am now regretting not going with Telstra. As part of my purchase, I was eligible for the Beats Wireless headphone promotion.


On 24/5/2019, I received the text message with instructions and promo code for claiming. I processed my claim on the 24th. As per the T&C’s of the promotion, I expected the headphones to arrive in 14 business days.


This did not happen and has not happened since, despite contact with Optus support via chat, email and phone on now 8 separate occasions.


On 25/6/2019, during a phone conversation with an Optus representative, she advised that there was no record of my claim, despite my previous three communications with Optus on this matter. I then gave her all my information I entered on the claims site on May 24, and she advised she’d escalated to the marketing team and the Beats would be with me in 5-10 business days (this is in a text as well from Optus).


Again, they did not arrive. On 9/7/2019, I lodged a formal complaint online and was told I’d be contacted within 2 business days. Again, no contact.


On 15/7/2019, I called Optus support again and was advised they cannot track the sending of items and that they would escalate, despite it being escalated last phone call to no resolve. After an hour on the phone, there was still no  resolution. The case manager assured me she would call me back in 48 hours with additional information, but 3 days later and still no response.


Today on 18/7/2019, I phoned again. Again, I received terrible customer service. The lady, Anne, said she was “here to help” and was placing me on hold to just read my case notes. 30 minutes later; without any update, I was hung up on!! The absolute height of rudeness.


Can anyone help me solve this? Is anyone else facing the same issues? If you are, let me know! Because I will be going to media outlets and the ACCC / Fair Trading with this next week. I am sure I'm not the only one. 


Re: Beats Solo3 Wireless Promotion - FRAUD?


Hi @ChloeF,

Really disappointing to hear about your experience.

I can help you out and have direct contact with the team who oversees this particular promotion.

Please send me a PM with your full name, date of birth, mobile number that the offer is valid with, delivery address and promo code so I can bring this to their attention.

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