Bad experience buying online


I just had the worst experience ever buying online.

I made an order on 3rd December for a Samsung S8 plus - $65/mon plan - 15% discount offer - 20GB Data

the order went through no problems, only to find yesterday on 10th Dec after I haven't heard any updates for the whole week that the handset is out of stock and there will be no replenishment.


Why doesn't Optus lock the stock item properly when the purchase is done online? 


The handset was due for Christmas and now I have nothing.


The LiveChat agent offered me S8 for 10% discount i.e. I am getting a smaller device and I am paying more. 

I found that offensive really.


Re: Bad experience buying online


I have never been a fan of online sales for the very reason you have just expressed. You would think that if you rang or used the live chat to make an order you would get the latest information on available stock however that is often not the case.


Every week somebody writes about the failure to receive an order and more often than not the purchaser is left stuffing around with Optus trying to find out if and when stock will become available. I must say I don't know of any other industry where the purchaser has to chase the seller...

Re: Bad experience buying online


I've double checked, and the device has now been taken off the website. 


It's difficult to say what's happened. You may have placed an order for the handset whilst the device was transitioning to end of life status. It's especially common when we've released popular offers.


I'm sorry things hadn't gone according to plan @ramisho


If you have any questions for us, please let us know. We're happy to try and help. 




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Re: Bad experience buying online


Online shopping 101 :

1- When Order is raised then Lock the stock item or reject the order immediately.

2- If Order goes through then Ship the stock item.

3- If Order fails then Release the stock item back to stock. 


Notify customer each step along the way so he doesn't have to call Optus and waste his time and Optus agents' time. 

In case of unforeseen issues, compensate the customer with an equivalent order. 


Optus must be loosing lots of revenue because of this !!! 

In a festive season when everyone is buying Online, Optus has to pick its game up.



Re: Bad experience buying online


The 256 GB Galaxy Tab 4 with 200GB complaint with the bonus headset came to mind. The customer is still waiting for the tablet months later and the tab and bonus are no longer available. They offered him a 64 GB model. 

Re: Bad experience buying online


You're kidding?!!

I ordered the same thing on the 11th November. I'm still waiting for it. Don't tell me it's not coming!

How did you find that out?

And why did they still let you order it on 4th December when i ordered on 11th November and they were obviously out of stock then too.

Shame on Optus. They need to order more S8+ for fulfil their orders.


Re: Bad experience buying online


U will have go online and start a live chat. Do u have order number? U will need to track it


Remarks: the order could be stuck because u are moving ur number between providers and they won’t tell u it is stuck. 

They don’t really care



Re: Bad experience buying online


Yeah a week or so after i ordered i went on live chat and they said my order was stuck because my number was with another provider. They cancelled it and re-ordered it. I got a confirmation and email that it was all processed. The online tracking says they are waiting for my phone to arrive at the warehouse. It has been like that for about 3 weeks. Obviously they will be waiting forever if they aren't making any more orders. But didn't bother to tell me that. I can't believe Optus has treated it's customers this way. I am getting out before it's too late. I'll be going to Telstra and also making a ombudsman complaint about optus. All the best. 

Re: Bad experience buying online


I am planning to file a complaint as well. I have the livechat transcripts and everything to prove it.

Optus is selling items they don't have in stock.


Re: Bad experience buying online


and more often than not the purchaser is left stuffing around with   Optus trying to find out if an

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