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I am tranferring from Vodafone. I have been having the worst experience ever from a Telco. Wish I can cancell all my services from Optus and move to another provider.  With this order, I will be having three servcies with Optus. Looks like Optus does not care for cusotmer service anymore....................... 


You can never get a reliable answer from anyone at Optus.  One person say its all good, then the next person you call or chat says "no we have do this again"


Still no messages from Optus to confirm the porting.


I put in a order on the 26th - I got the Phone and SIM, no success porting the number from Vodafone. When I called Vodafone, they said Optus cancelled the porting......... this story gets really funny..


When I log-in to my account:: My order says  "To Be Cancelled 27 Jul 2018" 


Have tried talking to more than 8 people at Optus over the last two days, made an offical complain (hopefully someone who cares at Optus will look at it).


I wonder, if there is any management folks, who looks at the issues customers are facing everyday with Optus.... 



Re: Bad customer experience


Hey @denwill - quite disappointing to hear how things have gone for you. Apologies the experience hasn't been more streamline.


Can you please send me a private message confirming your mobile number, full name and DOB?

Happy to look into the port for you and find out what's going on from me end. 

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Re: Bad customer experience


Same thing happened to me with my new Optus broadband. I have been on live chat for 4 hours today and spoken to 8 people. Optus confirmed technician installed my ADSL on 31 July and have now kindly booked me another technician for 10 August, even though the Optus page says "congratulations you are now connected to the internet". 


Never again. 




Re: Bad customer experience


Thanks Shauna for your response, and the prvate messages as well.


Also It is good to know, that you can find out exactly what has happend to my account and the Order.


Now that, I have provided you the complete picture in the private message.


Hope this will be resolved soon. It will be also good for the Yes Crowd Members to know, this is good channel hopefully to get things sorted out at Optus.






Re: Bad customer experience


My case is still under investigation. No trace of my order, no transfer, bad experience is completely ignored. The investigation is only for the missing order. Hopefully will get somewhere....


Looks like there is no track of all the calls and chats I had with so many agents.


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