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New Contributor Wangwang
New Contributor

Bad communication and customers service

The optus just wants to turn new customers away and doesnt need any new customers! I have wasted a lot of time and lost my patience.  VERY BAD COMMUNICATION AND CUSTOMERS SERVICE I HAVE EVER GONG THROUGH!


I ordered a mobile phone with a postpaid mobile plan. Was waiting for almost two weeks. Nothing happed. I contacted Optus and was told I needed to upload my dirver license and medicar card. Did that. Waiting and waiting. And then, I received an email saying my odered was rejected based on information provided by credit reporting agencies and recommended me to conact credit report agencies to verify my credit history. I was panic! I was wondering if someone stole my identity and made a bad credit history! Asked the agencies to send my credit report. NOTHING wrong with my credit history. Very frustrating after waiting for such a long time. Sent a complaint message online. And then I was asked to phone or do online chat. During online chat, I was told another story and asked to go to the store. They updated their policy-they dont do online verification and must go to the store. But the email DID NOT mention going to store at all!



Some news about your recent application

Thanks for your recent application for a postpaid account with us. We’ve now taken a close look at all your details, and unfortunately on this occasion we’re unable to approve your application.

As an option, you could consider joining our Prepaid service. Details can be found at

Explaining our decision
We don’t make these sorts of decisions lightly. Our assessment was based on details provided in your credit application, as well as information provided by credit reporting agencies, Illion(formerly Dun & Bradstreet) and Equifax(formerly Veda).

As well as identity verification, occupation and residential details, these agencies provide us with information about your general credit history; prior credit issues; and public record data such as court summons, judgements or bankruptcy.

It’s worth noting that our decision to refuse credit won’t always relate to an adverse credit history, and may be based on the fact that the credit reporting agencies don’t have sufficient data available for you.

Finding out more about your credit eligibility
If you’d like more details on the information we use to make our decisions, you can find it under the heading “Credit related information” at

The Privacy Act gives you the right to access your credit information held by credit agencies. This won’t cost you anything, but must be done within 90 days of the date on this letter. To make sure all of your information is correct, we encourage you to check the credit information files held in your name at the credit reporting agencies. We’ve included their contact details just below.


Illion(formerly Dun & Bradstreet)

Equifax(formerly Veda)



1300 734 806

1300 762 207




When contacting the credit reporting agencies, you’ll need to provide your:
• Full name
• Current address
• Previous address (if at current address less than one year)
• Date of Birth

Getting your information right
We want to be sure we’re making our decisions using the most up to date and accurate information. So if you believe the information in your credit file is inaccurate, you can make a request for us to investigate.

To do this, just go to Under the “Complaints and Compliments” link you’ll find details on lodging a complaint, including requests to have disputed credit information investigated.

Best Regards

The Optus Team

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Moderator Zac_H

Re: Bad communication and customers service

Hi @Wangwang - thanks for taking the time to write this up. 


We can do our best to take a look into this and find out the reason, however this information is generally quite limited. If you could please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB, we'll take a look into it and see if we're able to get any further information for you. 


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