Bad Customer service


why does optus always say they will do something... then DONT DO IT.


My service was about to be suspended so i spoke with an operator on the phone to discuss why... as i was tlaking to the operator, they said they would protect my services from suspension for 2 weeks to organise the issue.


while wrapping up the phone call... BOOM - disconnected and service was suspended.

so i could not call or chat back.

the next day i chat to them and ask wtf happened - they say some BS about suspension was pending prior to protection.

then the chat operator advises the issue will be fixed in 24 hours

I wait 24 hours - chat again to them and ask why account is still suspended.

they make up some new excuse and pass it on to another team to handle.

5 days without service now - i ask them again... when wil this be fixed... they say yes it will be fixed ASAP... here i am another day later chasing up empty promises by optus.


how can i get them to do what they say they will do?

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