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Bad Customer Experience

I don't understand why there is always a problem with Optus CX. When I go into the store, the wait is usually 1 hour + (both Chatswood and North Sydney) and when I go on the phone, I'm sent to an offshore call centre. 


I've ordered a new handset online on the 4th Oct and it's meant to be delivered within 5 business days - yes, I understand it's dependent on stock. I received an SMS to call them 4 days later, which I promptly did. Apparently because it's a new contract (new terms etc) I have to agree to it over the phone. Fine, I also accept that. I follow up diligently on the tracking link to see when the handset will be delivered, but no luck, the display did not show any update. 


I called to follow up yesterday and they told me to give them another 48 hours and that they will send me a text or an email about it. I agreed and hung up. 


No SMS or email has been sent to me. When I went back to check using the original tracking link, it tells me that there is no outstanding order. I called and was told that the original order was cancelled. I told them I needed the phone to be delivered according to what they said yesterday and that I need to receive the phone tomorrow and if I need to speak with their supervisor, I would like to do so. The line clicked over without a 'please hold' or anything. I waited for 5 mins and hung up.


What kind of operation do you call this? 


I'm again on hold now with a different person, who again, has told me I DON'T have an existing order!! How can this be? Very very disappointed as a long time customer. Is this what we should expect of businesses now - that no one takes responsibility or follows through? 



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Re: Bad Customer Experience

Hey Janice17 - it's very disappointing to hear about your recent experience with our support centres, our sincere apologies for all the runaround caused. Please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and order/service/account number so we can follow up on this for you.

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