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New Contributor RachelL
New Contributor

Awful customer experience

My partner and I use the $30 Pre-paid for years, he was told he would be upgraded to 15G/month for $30/month if he signed the contract. When he received the contract, the contract showed the monthly payment was $40, but he would be given a discount, for $30/m, he signed, and he went to a business trip overseas for a month. When he received his first bill, he was charged for $40, and 10G/month. He spent 2 hours and talked via Live Chat, and they didn't solve the problem. He agent told him, he must be in store in-person, and after negotiating, the agent said he wi ould leave a note to store manager and my partner could give me a permission to deal with his account with a pin in selected store. When I went to store today, the store staff told me they couldn't access his account, I had to talk to customer service...

The result is: No one from Optus can solve this problem for us, we must received the call from the Galaxy. lol. We've been using the service for years, maybe it's the time to change the provider...


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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Awful customer experience

Sorry to hear of the difficulties getting this fixed @RachelL. I am familiar with the special offer you have received and it is likely that the wrong rate plan has been selected when setting you up. Please feel free to send me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB so I can check this out for you. Please send me the 4 digit PIN if the account is not in your name.

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