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Automatic additional data triggered without exceeding data pool?

So I recontracted yesterday in-store with a new device and a bit more data (I have two services on the same bill), then while setting up my new device received a bunch of messages saying I had exceeded my data pool allowance and would be billed extra. Usage tracking though indicates I'm well below my pooled cap (25.1Gb of a base 44Gb).


Chat this morning wasn't helpful in solving the issue either. Any other solutions/next steps (other than turning off data on all my devices for the next 27 days, then challenging the incorrect data cap trigger?)


2019-02-10 Data pool screenshot.JPG



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Re: Automatic additional data triggered without exceeding data pool?

Unfortunately Optus custoemr service people don't seem to be able to do much until a bill is issued. Until then nothing is actually finalised. Doesn't really help if you are facing two weeks with no access and possibly $100's in fees being racked up.


Your screen there is a bit confusing. Do you have 59Gb? 60Gb? 44Gb? No big issue but just a confusing screen.


Note that the overall usage, daily data reports and excess fee usage alerts all seem to run off different databases so they can give different answers


If possible check your phones own data history. What does it say it has used over the time since your month began? If possible you should always have local warnings and data limits on your phone set (Android)


Just re-reading on the recontracting bit. It does seem likely that some database hasn't been given notice of all your data (esp if some of it is bonus data - note on many plans Optus only apply the bonus data from the second bill - misleading IMO but that's what they do.) 


Or it may be just a glitch, usually it takes until the second month to get things settled down. I'll flag a mod @Dan_C and perhaps he can see what is happening behind the scenes.


Peter Gillespie


PS If its an error then Optus will just recredit the $10 fines btw 

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Automatic additional data triggered without exceeding data pool?

Thanks for the heads up @petergdownload

Happy to go in and take a look @MJSkycrawler, I'm reasonably confident that there's likely been a bit of a flow-through delay (from our back-end system to the customer facing end).

Can I get you to PM us with your details? We'll need the following:


- Full name


- Both mobile numbers.


I won't be able to respond right away but send your details through and I'll follow up as soon as I can. 

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