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New Contributor aberedfield
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Audio streaming data usage

Mt data breakdwon shows that I have used an enormous amount of audio streaming data. The only audio I stream is Spotify which is supposed to be data free, Today I didn't even load spotify and still got ~500mb of audio streaming data, can someon plese explain what this data is and how I can avoid it? (it is using above 30 of my data and I don't listen to pod casts, or download songs on spotify as I don't heav premium), had a less than clear conversation with tech support surrounding this so throwing it out to the brains trust.


Thanks in advacne people

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RetiredModerator Nam_L

Re: Audio streaming data usage

Afternoon @aberedfield,


Thanks for taking the time out to reach out to us here.


Your "Data Breakdown" will always provide you the raw data for your usage but as long as you've previously added Optus Music addon for your service, you'll be able to stream Spotify data free. To confirm this is on your account, please get in contact with our Live team here →



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