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Attempting to Port Number from Telstra


I've undergone the process of porting my number from Telstra - I submitted the application however, my Telstra SIM card is still working and my optus SIM is not. Its been 4 days since I've lodged it and chatting on the Optus live chat said they couldn't help.


Is there anything I can do? Its quite urgent 

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Attempting to Port Number from Telstra

Yesterday we were advised of an IT issue that was causing mobile activation delays. 

It's possible that your service is a part of this batch.

Normally, ports from Telstra can take between 3-4 hours to complete. In saying that, if there's an issue with the details you've provided us with i.e. the account number, date of birth or name doesn't match with Telstra's records, the port out request will be rejected by Telstra. 

At this stage, we're prioritising critical enquires (customers without access a working service at all). 

You can try contacting us on 133937, but there will be a wait. Ignore the first prompt then select option 1 for mobile followed by 2 for general enquiries. 

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