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New Contributor Wadew
New Contributor

April 2018 double data plan



I signed up to a lease plan for a samsung s9 and s9+ in April 2018.  $100 per month for both plans and should of had a total of 100GB per month for each plan. 


I cannot find it saying the why of data on any of my contracts and was hoping someone can provide me with information about the plan and terms.


I have asked many times about the upgrade of data and it still hasn't been fixed.


Thanks for your help.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: April 2018 double data plan

Hi @Wadew ,


Unfortuantely the CIS for Optus plans doesn't include any reference to bonus data. Optus are actually very bad at providing a simple one page document outlining your contract up front.


You will need to contact Optus LIVECHAT (ask for billing maybe) and see what they can see is on your file. 


Note if the plans are under the same address / name you should get the data combined and available to both phones at the same time (So 200Gb to be shared each month)


Peter Gillespie

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