Applying uni student discount (10% off) to existing service


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I have recently signed up to Optus, as I have shifted from Vodafone to Optus! I have signed the iPhone XS Max 256GB on the $140 plan! Initially, when signing this plan, I had wanted to order my phone online (as this would allow me to add the uni student discount I had seen online - one of the reasons why I wanted to sign with Optus! I was told I could add this student discount to my account later, and was wondering who I would need to speak to have this done for me. I have my code and email ready, and wanted this to be added manually to my account.


I have had this phone for a week now and would love to be assisted with this! 


Re: Applying uni student discount (10% off) to existing service


Hey julieph4n - thanks for reaching out. Can you please send us a private message, with your full name, DOB and service/account number so we can help with your discount enquiry. 

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Re: Applying uni student discount (10% off) to existing service


This is interesting, I am trying to add my student promo code via onloine chat and are being told that it can't be done. Can someone on here help?

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